During WWII, German aircraft designers put forth many aircraft project ideas, which ranged from the
practical to the bizarre. Some of these ideas were ahead of their time and reached a more advanced
design stage, and even affect aircraft today. Within the pages of Luft '46 you will find descriptions of
these aircraft projects, illustrated with three-view drawings, model photos and custom color artwork....
Last update: March 3
Arado Ar E.377

New art: Jan. 1
Jozef Gatial
Richard Pawling
(see Luft Art page)

Latest News: January 27, 2002
I have started a new project:
WWII German Aircraft Projects List
This is an attempt to catalog all WWII German aircraft
projects undertaken from 1933-1945. A small description of
each project will be included, along with links to Luft '46 entries
and art where applicable. Since this will be an ongoing project,
please check in occasionally to see what is new.
Recent entries:
Arado Ar E.561
Weserflug P.1003
Daimler Benz Jäger
Göppingen Gö 9
Focke-Wulf VTOL Project
Blohm & Voss BV P.144
Lippisch P.10 (Nov '41)
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