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To the left is a photo of the finished full-scale, non powered replica of the Ho 229 V3 recently built by the RSC people at Northrop-Los Angles. After the first of the year (January 2009) it will be taken to Tejon, California, Northrop's RSC radar test range about 70 east of Los Angles, placed on an 80 foot articulating pylon,and RF energy of the type used by the British during the Battle of Britain will be shot at it from different angles as well a some of the most sophisticated radar in use today. Northrop will be attempting to find this replica's radar cross section and compare it with the likes of their B-2 stealth "Spirit" bomber. This build was done for an upcoming TV documentary titled "Hitler's Stealth Fighter" by Michael Jorgensen, which should be aired in the Spring of 2009 on National Geographic Channel.

David Myhra is currently writing Uncovering the Stealth Secrets of the Ho 229 chronicling
the entire build and the results of its radar testing.

"The Nazi Plan To Bomb New York City."
Written by David Myhra, this one hour TV documentary features Oberst Siegfried Knemeyer's plan to obtain a flying machine capable of exploding a 5,000 pound conventional bomb over New York City which would have blankets of radioactive silica (sand) wrapped around it. The radioactive silica would have fallen on New York City like snow flakes causing radiation sickness and death leading the Nazi leaders to believe that they might then obtain a cease fire or some sort of condition surrender from the Allies. Knemeyer had set up a competition between three individuals: Wernher von Braun and his piloted A-9 rocket missile and its A-10 booster rocket, Eugen Sanger and his piloted, reusable, suborbital rocket bomber, and Reimar Horten and his six turbojet powered Ho 18A all-wing bomber. The documentary features on site interviews at the Horten workshop-Gottingen, Sanger workshop-Tauen, and von Braun's Peenemunde Experimental Rocket Center. Extensive computer generated color digital animation by Mario Merino is featured, and of course, on camera comments by David Myhra.

Present Titles

Publication date: 1983 
Publisher: Monogram Aviation 
ISBN: 0-914144-12-X 
Status: Out of print

Publication date: 1997 
Publisher: Schiffer 
ISBN: 0-7643-0441-0 
Staus: Available

Publication date: 1998 
Publisher: Schiffer 
ISBN: 0-7643-0564-6 
Status: Available
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