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The HBM 200 Collections
a note about the listings
All of us sometimes dream about  a home museum, with the great epochs of flight depicted in displays of scale models. That is extraordinarily hard to achieve with today’s plastic kits and display models. It takes a lot of time to build and finish one model, and each one occupies a lot of space. A modest collection of 1/72 or 1/48 models dominates a room. A large collection  dominates a home, frequently conflicting with the priorities of spouses, children, and  pets. Dusting and maintainance are eternal issues, and moving is a  guaranteed nightmare.

Our answer to these problems was inspired by the recognition or ID training kits supplied by Wiking Modellbau to the German Luftwaffe  and other forces during WWII. The German forces decided to use 1/200 scale miniatures for their aircraft and AFV training, reasoning that a model held at arm’s length closely represented the appearance of prototype aircraft at realistic engagement distances. (The US, British, Swedish, Dutch, and Italian forces also used 1/200 scale models during WWII.) What was unique about the German kit was that they elected to mount the models like a butterfly collection in glazed display cases, allowing the kits to be hung for wall display. The “Wiking” kits provided an elegant solution, looking great, protecting the contents, and occupying very little space.

A bit of history. We began making 1/200 scale models in 1977. We are collectors ourselves. Our initial efforts were aimed at filling the gaps in coverage by original WWII ID models, especially late-war, naval, and Pacific Theater types. We moved from there to the jet age and modern aircraft. Now, with original ID models rare and expensive, we have come full circle and are filling out the coverage of WWII.

Our objective with the HBM collections is to provide the private collector with the same capability. We are creating collections of WWII aircraft and backing up those collections with the decals and display media that enable collectors to realize a museum quality home or office display. The collections are organized by nation.

The HBM range is produced entirely by hand from epoxy resin. Prototype models are professionally carved by master modellers well-known in the kit industry and among museum curators.  The prototype models are then painstakingly duplicated by brushing a tooling epoxy into silicone rubber molds. 

HBM Models are delivered as unfinished castings. The aircraft are depicted in flight attitude, with landing gear retracted where applicable. Simple aircraft (eg, a Spitfire) are cast in one piece. More complex types such as the Breguet Bizerte must be assembled with CA or epoxy cement. Prop discs are easily made with a compass knife or hole punch and clear plastic sheet. Decal sheets in 1:200 for WWII Italian, German, British, US, Soviet, French, Swedish, Japanese and smaller combatant countries’ insignia are available. 

HBM models are supplied to collectors around the world. Approximately 50-100 copies of a model are typically produced.   Most collectors maintain standing subscriptions either for the entire series or for selected types like US aircraft or flying boats. Series of new models are issued approximately three times per year. 

Orders for additional copies or for older HBM  models are accepted subject to availability. Back orders are maintained on our computer.. Recasting is done in small batches  between runs of new models, so delays are inevitable.

Give us a call if something you are looking for is not on this list. We have some remaining stocks of other aircraft types, and we are in contact with producers all over the world. 

For further information or to order, contact:

Ron Crawford
P.O. Box  23
North Ferrisburgh, VT  05473
Phone   (802) 877-3542 
E-mail   ron.crawford@adelphia.net

Important!  It goes without saying that HBM models should be handled with reasonable care. They should be kept out of reach of small children, pets, and other vulnerable persons because of sharp edges and points, and the possibility of choking on small bits that might be dislodged.

Organization of the Listings

The lists are focussed on the warring countries in WWII. Each segment will ultimately be available with poster-sized display backgrounds featuring 1/200 scale top views of the aircraft, enabling collectors to build or order attractive display cases. Air arms such as the USAAF and Luftwaffe will require two or more cases.

The models  already issued will be supplemented in some cases with models drawn from the VK (vk) and X-Models (x) ranges. Those notations are marked in the lists of projected types.

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