Luft '46 Scope and Purpose

The scope and purpose for Luft '46 is to provide a "one-stop" location to find out information for WWII German aircraft projects. I decided to share my passion, resources and references to help historians, modelers and those who are just curious about the whole Luft '46 subject. This means simply that this website will cover designs that didn't leave the drawing board, sometimes known as "paper projects". I have expanded since the website first started to include Missiles and Guided Bombs, Prototypes (I have limited this to only including aircraft that were built in very small numbers, but did not enter series production) and soon I hope to expand into Armaments and Engines.

Another note I would like to mention is that many times, different designations can be found for the aircraft projects. Due to the documents not surviving the war, or each manufacturer using their own internal numbering systems, or for whatever reason there may be more than one name or number for an aircraft project. I have tried to include this in the aircraft entries where possible, although sometimes newer information comes to light and I don't always make corrections immediately on the website.

The above means that aircraft such as the Heinkel He 162 and Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter will not be covered in detail within the pages of Luft '46, as they were built in large numbers and the amount of information available on them are more easily available elsewhere. I also have no plans at this time to include other countries "paper projects", as there are still over 150 more German WWII aircraft projects and prototypes to cover.

Also, the aircraft projects of other countries will not be covered on the Luft '46 website. That would entail entire websites with as much info and data as Luft '46 has about German aircraft projects. I do have a regular day job and a personal life, and there is no way to include other country's projects. But, this leaves open interesting websites to be created by other aviation history enthusiasts.

I'd like to include a note here concerning why I haven't included the alleged "German saucers" or "flying disks" in the Luft '46 website. My personal opinion and belief is that these were never designed or built. Almost every aircraft design that was ever doodled on a napkin has somehow survived to this day, but I have personally never seen an actual, real drawing or photograph of any of these purported German flying disks. I would like to believe these were actual built and flown, or at least designed, but until I see otherwise, I'm afraid I must remain skeptical....

October 14, 2000
Dan Johnson

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