Luftwaffe Project Aircraft are a series of booklets describing in detail ONE WWII German aircraft project in detail. All information to be found on the particular plane is painstakingly researched. To help bring this aircraft "to life", the very talented Daniele Sabatini has contributed his great color art and some fantastic (they need to be seen to be believed) black & white period photos featuring the chosen aircraft project AS IF it had been built and flown. Our intent is not to deceive, but to merely show how it may have looked if actually constructed. ALL data and information is as factual as I can determine, much of it coming from the ORIGINAL German manufacturer's documents. All LPA booklets also contain several pages of color profile "markings and camouflage" to show how the aircraft MAY have appeared if chosen for series production and accepted into the Luftwaffe. Please check out the links below for more information about each individual booklet..... thanks!!
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Number 1: Junkers Ju EF128
Number 2: Heinkel He 343
Number 3: Focke-Wulf Ta 183