Luftwaffe Project Aircraft #1: Junkers Ju EF128

"Got your first effort today and it is excellent!. Keep up the good work." T.B

"They are worth every cent. I'm glad I ordered it. Keep up the good work."  R.C.

"My compliments to yourself and the artist - especially for those absolutely
undetectabley fake b&w "period" photos. I'm an illustrator and I can't
even imagine comping something that convincing. The whole book is a work
of art. More, please!"     J.P.

"...the color profiles are very well done, as are the b/w photos.
I'd recommend this one to everyone....coolness incarnate!"  D.D.

"Really enjoyed every part of the booklet. Can't wait for the next issue."  T.K.
"As someone who keeps his books/magazines for reference work,
the high quality/glossy paper format is most appreciated."  D.V.

"I've only thumbed through mine so far, but it LOOKS GREAT!
And I can't wait to copy the paper model, so I can build it! Too KEWL!" J.M

"This is an excellent booklet! I'm already antsy for the next one!" B.S.

"...I have to say it is a very, very welcome addition to my collection and
I hope to see many more of these well produced booklets in the (near?) future."  H.O.

"I was very impressed and its of excellent quality."  K.E.

"Thanks again and my compliments for the incredible work you put out."  O.S.

"I just received the Ju EF128 booklet. I love it!  Great artwork and
story.  I hope this is going to be one of many others to come. I will
surely buy each one as you print them. Keep up the good work!"  M.C.

"I look forward to many more to come.  Can't praise it high enough! "  H.C.

"For a first book this is great! Many thanks for putting out a nice piece of work!"  M.H.

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Luftwaffe Project Aircraft #2: Heinkel He 343

"Just got it today and all I can say is WOW!!!  Better than the Ju  Ef 128.
The color profiles are excellent and all the B/W's and composites make it seem so real."  M.H.

"Oh boy!  I have received the He 343 book and it is REALLY GOOD. There is
technology, dramatism and a bit of humor. But what really makes this monography unique is the
amount of NEW given information about an airplane about which we had just some very scattered
data. At least 75% of  the published information is unknown to me and I believe that for most of the world." J.M.

"'s a truly gorgeous piece of work, well worth the money.  The artwork is
excellent and the drawings, of both planned and hypothetical versions, are excellent..." E.M.

"In it the whole story of the different He 343 proposals is covered in well researched and very
pleasant readable text enhanced by excellent line drawings, graphs, colour profiles and sensational
manipulated photo's. All in all a great publication and a worthy successor to the highly acclaimed
Monogram Close Up's. If you haven't decided on buying one I would advise you to do so immediately.
I expect them to become as rare and valuable as some (most) of the Monogram Close Up's."  H.O.

"I can't say enough good things about the effort. Definitely looking forward to the next volume."  D.D.

"Some of those black and white pictures are really hard to distinguish between real and fiction." T.K.

"I received my He343 book on Tuesday and was I ever thrilled and  thoroughly impressed with your latest
publication. I thought the EF128 was a good start for you but to use a baseball analogy, if the the
first one was a single, then this was a Home Run!  The extensive color in  He343 is absolutely eye popping for
any WWII camouflage and markings fan. The 4 color isometrics are especially a nice addition to your format..." N.W

"The He 343 book is amazing! The imagery is breathtaking due to its realism, and the
three-views are worth the price of the book alone!."  F.

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