Daimler Benz Project C  3 view    This design dates from early 1945, and was also to be a carrier aircraft (like the Daimler Benz Project "A"). The Daimler Benz Project "C" was basically the Daimler Benz Project "B" without the single jet engine bomber attached. The wing was straight with a taper on the outer wing leading edge, and featured pronounced anhedral on the inner wing sections and dihedral outboard of the high, fixed landing gear. Six DB 603 piston engines provided the power, four pulling and two pushing. There were two different parasite manned missiles that could be carried by this aircraft, the Daimler Benz Project "E" and the Daimler Benz Project "F".

             Span: 54 m (177' 2")               Length: 35.8 m (117' 5.45")             Max. Speed: Unknown