Daimler Benz Project A  3 view    This was the first of several designs for a massive carrier aircraft. The DB Project "A I", as the carrier aircraft was known, had a straight wing with taper and a slight dihedral on the outer wing sections. Four or six He S 021 turboprops were mounted on pylons that were mounted on the wing leading edge. The undercarraige was of a fixed arrangement, with a wide 24.97 m (82') track, and contained three wheels on each leg. The DB Project "A II" twin-jet bomber was slung under the "A I" carrier and was carried aloft to conserve the "A II" jet bomber's fuel. It was then released after nearing the target. The "A II" bomber had sharply swept back wings and tailplanes, with two BMW 018 turbojets mounted beneath the wings, much like the Me 262. A crew of three or four sat in a pressurized cockpit located in the extreme nose of the bomber. A V-tail was fitted to help the bomber mount under the carrier aircraft more easily, A bomb load of 30000 kg (66000 lbs) was envisioned.

A I Carrier               Span: 94 m (308' 7.6")              Length: Unknown          Max. Speed: Unknown
A II Bomber            Span: 26.16 m (85' 10.7")         Length: Unknown          Max. Speed: 1000 km/h (621 mph)

Daimler Benz Project A artist impression

    The Daimler Benz Project "A"- consisting of the "A I" carrier aircraft and "A II" jet bomber- on take-off as depicted by artist Gert Heumann....