Daimler Benz Project F  3view     The Daimler Benz Project "F" was designed as a piloted missile to be launched from the Daimler Benz Project "C" carrier aircraft. Six of these manned missiles could be carried at one time (see diagram below). The wings and tailplanes were swept back sharply, and power was supplied by a single BMW 018 jet engine. 3000 kg (6600 lbs) of explosives were located in the nose of the aircraft, which were detonated on impact. Once carried aloft by the carrier aircraft, the DB Project "F" aircraft were then released near the target, with the pilot then choosing his target and then diving towards it. When the pilot was assured of a hit, he was to escape by a hatch located beneath the cockpit (see diagram below). Although this aircraft wasn't officially considered a suicide plane, the pilot probably had a very small chance of survival, due to the speed of the aircraft in the attack and the proximity to the target when escaping.

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                     Span: 9 m (29' 6.33")                Length: 12.96 m (42' 6.24")                Max. Speed: 1050 km/h (652 mph)