Daimler Benz Project B  3 view    This was a revised design of the Daimler Benz Project "A" carrier aircraft and parasite jet bomber. The wing was straight with a taper on the outer wing leading edge, and featured pronounced anhedral on the inner wing sections and dihedral outboard of the landing gear. Six DB 603 piston engines provided the power, four pulling and two pushing. The high, fixed landing gear was located beneath the outboard engine nacelles, and had three wheels partially enclosed in the landing gear legs. The high, fixed landing gear and the anhedral gave the proper clearance to mount the parasite bomber beneath the carrier aircraft. The bomber featured sharply swept back wings and tailplanes, the latter also having pronounced dihedral and twin fins and rudders, much like the Henschel 132 (see three-view drawing below). Power was provided by a single, huge Daimler Benz DB S 06 jet engine (mounted on the top centerline of the fuselage), which was to supply 12930 kg (28446 lbs) of thrust. A crew of two sat in the pressurized cockpit that was located in the extreme nose of the bomber. 30000 kg (66000 lbs) of bombs was the projected bomb load.

Project "B" Carrier aircraft       Span: 54 m (177' 2")               Length: 35.8 m (117' 5.45")             Max. Speed: Unknown
Project "B" Jet Bomber            Span: 22 m (72' 2.14")            Length: 30.75 m (100' 10.63")         Max. Speed: Unknown

Daimler Benz Project B parasite bomber  3 view   A three view of the Daimler Benz Project "B" parasite jet bomber....