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Blohm & Voss BV P.207.03 Single Seat Pusher Fighter
The markings of the 207s are of the REPUBBLICA SOCIALE
REPUBBLICANA", ( First fighter Group, First Squadron  "Ace of Sticks" of
the National Republican Air Force). ("Ace of Sticks" is one of the four
aces of the Italian playing cards), led by the legendary Major ADRIANO
VISCONTI (white six on the fuselage).

The white "balkenkreuz" on the fuselage is there only for
identification by the Flak: the Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana was
always independent from the Luftwaffe.

Major ADRIANO VISCONTI: ace of Italian fighter pilots with 26 victories
of wich  15  shot down  with the obsolete MACCHI 200 until 1st January
1944! and 11 after this date flying the more modern MACCHI 205 and  from
1st January 1945 with the Me 109 G-10 (white 6) to the end of war
defending the northern Italy against bombers.

Wounded a lot of time with a lot of incredible adventures he was the
example of the classic romantic fighter pilot, great commander, loved by
his pilots.

To tell you the kind of man: diving during an attack  to B-24, Mustangs
and Thunderbolts over Lombardia (northern Italy) his guns suddenly
jammed, so, to not  embarrass his wing man, Major Visconti, unarmed,
went on with the attack  heading  the chosen bomber and then crossing
the big formation in a storm of  enemy fire!

In the last months of war some pilots of his squadron went to Germany at
Rangsdorf, Brandenburg and Brandis (JG 400) for passing to Me 163. They
made the complete training  on the gliders  HABICHT-8 but when at
Brandis were going to begin the flights on the KOMET, the sovietic tanks
interrupt any program.

The last mission of first squadron was on April 19, 1945, when four 109s
shot down the  B-24 of the Captain Walter Sutton. He and his crew
survived and was taken to the fighters airfield. Sutton admiring the
courage of the fighter pilots, wanted to participate to the funeral of
Leutnant  Morandi shot down with his 109 by  the 12.7 of the bomber.

At 2 p.m. of April 29  Major Visconti and his pilots were imprisoned by
communist partisans near Malpensa airfield (Milan). Major Visconti was
taken away to be interrogated: walking along the way, the red partisans
shot him on the back. They had not even the courage to look  him in the
eyes. I like to think that Major Visconti should be happy to fly finally
on a modern plane like the 207!

                  Daniele Sabatini

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