BV P.207/3  3 view     This second design of the BV P.207 single-seat fighter used a single DB 603G (2000 HP), also located inside the fuselage aft of the cockpit. The radiator has been moved back and buried inside the fuselage and was fed by an intake located on the starboard side. The wing had a slight taper and dihedral. The upper fin and rudder was deleted, with only the lower stabilizer retained and enlarged. Armament was four MK 108 30mm cannon. Neither the BV P.207/2 or /3 proceeded past the design stage.

    Daniele Sabatini's BV P.207.03 art images

            Span: 9.9 m (32' 6.1")          Length: 9.73 m (31' 11.4")        Max. Speed: Unknown