I'm pleased to announce that the "Tragerflotten Data Book" is now available.  There are 120 pages of text, 8 pages of colour with 32 colour profiles, 80 B&W illustrations, full carrier descriptions of each of the 12 classes and short histories on all 33 carriers.  The "Carrier Air Groups" chapter alone is 17 pages of aircraft types, promulgation dates and full codes of all 20 Kriegsmarine Geschwader, especially for modellers.  Plus much more.  This has been my most challenging book to date and is also the best production.
Recommended retail price is $A42.00.  If you are on my books as a previous customer then your price is $A36.00 - your 'loyalty' discount of $A6.00 applies.  Post and packaging is extra and is as follows:
Europe and the Americas    $A11.00 airmail
Asia and the Pacific            $A8.00 airmail
Australia (major cities)        $A4.00.
Payment by IMO or Visa/Mastercard (Bankcard, cash or personal cheques ok here in Australia).  Please include your postal address when ordering.  If sending credit card details by email, remember that this is NOT a secure site.  So far there have been no problems with customers from 20 different countries ordering this way, but I suggest you split your card details over 2 or 3 emails.  If you'd rather send details by post, please do so.
My next project, for which half the stories are already completed will be "The Alternate Royal Australian Air Force and Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm" subtitled "Australia's Little Asian Wars 1951 - 1975".  "The Alternate Luftwaffe, Vol 2" will be produced after the Aussie book.
Best wishes and thanks for your support.
John Baxter
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