"Australia sits on the edge of Asia, a western and almost empty country
existing with its northern and heavily populated neighbours.  But in the
troubled times following the end of World War Two, communist threats loom
within China, Korea, Indochina and Malaya.  National identities are being
forged as former colonial masters slowly withdraw from the region.  A
dictator rules Indonesia, Australia's nearest neighbour.  Communist
insurgents operate in Malaya.  Australia sees potential threats to its peace
and security.

In this latest 'what if?' publication, John Baxter suspends briefly his
Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine World War Two stories for one of more local
Australian content.  Once again, he has established through a series of
short stories, an almost believable alternate history in which Australia
asserts her sovereignty.  In this book, a very different Royal Australian
Air Force and Royal Australian Navy serve to defend Australia from external

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