Messerschmitt Projekt "Wespe"

          This late-war Messerschmitt project "Wespe" (Wasp) is mostly unknown, and information on it is incomplete. Two seperate fuselages were designed for the Wespe":

Both designs used a tricycle landing gear arrangement, with the main gear retracting inwards from the wing and the front gear retracting forwards. No armament was specified, but at this stage in the war two MK 108 30mm cannon would probably have been fitted.
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Messerschmitt Me "Wespe" Dimensions and Weights
Span Length Height Wing Area Wing Loading Total Surface Area Takeoff Weight Operating Load
8.65 m
28' 4"
10 m
32' 9"
2.3 m
7' 6"
15 m²
161.46 ft²
200 kg/m²
40.96 lbs/ft²
50.9 m²
547.88 ft² 
3000 kg
6614 lbs
800 kg
1764 lbs

Messerschmitt "Wespe" Models
There are no models of the Messerschmitt "Wespe"  available at the present time