The Messerschmitt "Schwalbe" (Swallow) was a late-war design that did not receive a Project number designation. The wings were swept back at 31.5 degrees, and contained the majority of the fuel supply. The wings seem to have been based on the Me 163 or 263 wing design, as there is more than a superficial resemblance. Two turbojets provided the power, one was located above the fuselage and one below. A tricycle-type landing gear design was chosen, with the nose wheel retracting to the rear and the two main gear retracting forward and inboard. The cockpit was located in front of and between the upper air intakes. No armament seems to have been planned at this design stage. An especially curious feature is the device at the fuselage rear; this is thought to be dive brakes or some sort of thrust reversal mechanism.
Messerschmitt Me "Schwalbe" Dimensions and Weights
Span Length Height Wing Area Wing Loading Takeoff Weight Operating Load
9.05 m
29' 8"
8.9 m
29' 2"
2.75 m
9' 0"
20 m²
215.28 ft²
201.5 kg/m²
41.27 lbs/ft²
4030 kg
8885 lbs
1200 kg
2646 lbs
Messerschmitt Me "Schwalbe" Models
Manufacturer Scale Material Notes
Unicraft 1/72 Vacuform or resin I do not have this one, 
can anyone out there help?