Me P.1111  3 view    In January 1945, the Messerschmitt Project Bureau began work on the P.1111. The design was for a tailless aircraft with the wings swept back at 45 degrees, being a near-delta shape. Each wing held three unprotected fuel tanks with a total of 1500 liters (330 gallons). There was a single sweptback vertical fin and rudder. The cockpit was pressurized, fitted with an ejection seat and had a fairing extending to the base of the fin. The armament consisted of four MK 108 30mm cannonwith 100 rounds each, two in the wing roots and two in the nose.

    Span: 9.16 m (30' 1")    Length: 8.92 m (29' 3.4")      Max. Speed: 995 km/h (618 mph)