Me P.1109  3 view    This project number is not entirely certain, as the original document is damaged and barely readable. This was a further development of Dr. Vogt's work on the BV P.202 dated July 15, 1944, and was similar in that the sweep of the wings could be varied to improve low-speed flight characteristics. There were two variable-sweep wings, one above and one below the fuselage. Two He S 011 turbojets were mounted in nacelles and were located on each side of the fuselage. Apparently, this design was the subject of some further development after the war, according to some sketches discovered in France, but it is not known whether this was done by Messerschmitt or some other firm.

    Span: 9.4 m (30' 10") w/ wings fully extended      Length: 9.4 m (30' 10")     Max. Speed: Unknown