Me P.1107/II  3 view      This was the final design for the Messerschmitt bomber, which was to be of all-metal construction. The swept-back tapered wing was bulged at the wing roots to accommodate the four BMW 018 jet engines. The lower part of the fuselage held the bomb bay and the retractable undercarriage, which consisted of two large diameter main wheels and twin nose wheels. Since the engines were mounted as close to the fuselage as possible, a butterfly tail unit was used to clear the jet engine exhaust stream. The bomb load was projected at 4000 kg (8820 lbs) and no defensive armament was to be fitted. The aircraft was in the early stages of construction at war's end.

   Span: 17.37 m (57' 0")    Length: unknown     Max. Speed: 880 km/h (547 mph)