Me P.1100/II  3 view    This more advanced version for the Me P.1100 was proposed in March 1944. It was to have the 45 degree swept back wing that was developed for the Me 262 HG III project. Two He S 011 A turbojets were buried in the wing roots, and the cockpit held a crew of two. A final project, dated May 7, 1944 was for a version with increased wing span. There were several armament variants proposed (see table below). Although Siegfried Knemeyer (chief of development for the RLM Technical Department) expressed considerable interest in the project and inspected several mockups, they were eventually cancelled in 1945 due to the thought that the P.1099 and P.1100 projects were underpowered.

      Span: 12.58 m (41' 3.7")     Length: 12 m (39' 4.8")       Max. Speed: 778 km/h (476 mph)

Messerschmitt Me P.1100/II Project of March 1944
Two-seat armed high-speed bomber

One fixed forward-firing MK 108 30mm cannon
 and one rearward-firing MK 108 30mm cannon
One FHL 108 and FPL 108 turret or
 one FHL 108 and FPL 151 turret
Two FDL 108 Z turrets
One FHL 151, one FDL 108 Z and
 one FPL 151 turret
Three FDL 108 Z turrets