Me P.1099A  3 view    This advanced design proposal was put forth in January 1944, and utilized the wings and tail of the Me 262A-2a but had an entirely new and considerably enlarged fuselage and undercarriage. The engines were to be two Jumo 004C turbojets and the cockpit held a crew of two. A variety of more detailed proposals were issued on March 22, 1944, and were mainly concerned with various armaments for the Me P.1099A, which can be found in the table below:

     Span: 12.58 m (41' 3.7")     Length: 12 m (39' 4.8")        Max. Speed: 825 km/h (512 mph)

Messerschmitt Me P.1099A Project of March 22, 1944
Two-seat fighter with forward-firing offensive armament

Fighter I 'A'  four MK 108 30mm cannon
'B'  two MK 103 30 mm cannon
'C'  two MK 108 30mm cannon &
      one MK 103 30mm cannon
Fighter II 'A'  one MK 108 30mm cannon &
      one MK 112 55mm cannon
'B'  one MK 214 50mm cannon