In early 1939, Dr. Alexander Lippisch moved to the Messerschmitt Aircraft Company in Augsburg with most of his closest coworkers. Dr. Wurster designed the P.08.01 in September 1941, which was basically a flying wing design. The wing featured two different sweepback angles, and contained the armored fuel tanks. The fuel could also be jettisoned if need be. Four Daimler Benz DB 615 engines (or DB 613 if teh DB 615 engines were not ready in time), mounted on the wing trailing edge, provided the power. The engine radiators were located in the wing's leading edge and a huge bomb bay/cargo area was to be found in the central fuselage area. A tricycle landing gear arrangement was chosen, with the main gear having double wheels. The cockpit was pressurized and a provision was made for remote controlled defensive armament in the nose and tail. Underwing weapons or loads could also be carried.  The P.08.01 was designed as per a specification for a super heavy aircraft that could fulfill several different roles. These included:  
Messerschmitt Me P.08.01 Data
Span Length Height Wing Area Takeoff Weight Max. Speed Max. Range Fuel
50.6 m 
15.35 m 
50' 4"
8.6 m 
28' 3"
300 m² 
3229 ft²
90000 kg 
198414 lbs
645 km/h @ 8500 m 
401 mph @ 27887'
27150 km 
16871 miles
40000 kg 
88184 lbs

Above image from Geheimprojekte der Luftwaffe Band II: Strategische Bomber 1935-1945


    The diagram to the right shows a tank being loaded into the cargo bay of the Messerschmitt Me P.08.01