Me P.1110 Ente    This was another variation of the P.1110 design. The design was of a "duck" (Ente) configuration, that is, small wings (or canards) in front with the larger wing to the rear. This was felt would allow good pitch and lateral stability for low-speed flight characteristics. The air intakes for the single HeS 011 turbojet were located on the fuselage sides, much like the Me P.1110/I. The cockpit was located in the extreme forward fuselage and four MK 108 30mm cannon were located to the sides of the cockpit. Messerchmitt dropped this design in favor of the more conventional P.1110.

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                  Span: Unknown            Length: 9.67 m (31' 9")              Max. Speed: 1000 km/h (621 mph)