Lippisch P.20  3 view    The Lippisch P.20 jet fighter project (April 16, 1943) was a further development of the Me 163 "Komet", and was the final design of Dr. Alexander Lippisch for the Messerschmitt company before the development department disbanded in late April 1943. The P.20 was similar in appearance to the Me 163, with an air intake mounted low in the nose which fed a single Jumo 004 turbojet. Armament was to be two MK 108 30mm cannon mounted in the forward fuselage sides and two MK 103 30mm cannon mounted in the wing roots.

    Span: 9.3 m (30' 6.4")     Length: 5.73 m (18' 9.8")     Max. Speed: 915 km/h (568 mph)