Lippisch Li P.01-116 - April 1939 Design

          The designation Li P.01-116 was used several different times by the Lippisch design team. The first was shortly after Lippisch arrived at the Messerschmitt in Augsburg. First concieved as a jet-powered interceptor on April 12, 1939, it was designed around the first available data for a turbojet engine. A short fuselage held the unnamed jet engine and fuel, and the wings were wide and mounted mid-fuselage. Since this was a tailless design, only a single fin and rudder was used. The pilot sat in the cockpit located in the forward section of the fuselage, and landing was acoomplished via a skid built into the bottom of the aircraft. No armament was chosen at this stage in the Li P.01-116's development.

Lippisch Li P.01-116 Data
April 1939 design
Span Length Height Wing Area
6.0 m
19' 9"
5.48 m
18' 0"
2.715 m
8' 10"

Lippisch Li P.01-116 Models
April 1939 design
Manufacturer Scale Material Notes
Classic Plane Resin 1/72 Resin #CPR 07
Unicraft 1/72 Resin