Lippisch Li P.11 (September 1942)

          This project was designed by Hendrick on September 13, 1942. It was conceived to be a fast attack bomber, and was powered by two Jumo 004 turbojets, mounted in the wing roots. The wings were swept back at approximately 30 degrees. A tricycle landing gear arrangement was chosen, with the main gear retracting outwards and the front gear retracting to the rear. Like most of the other Lippisch designs, this was to be tailless aircraft, with only a single fin and rudder present. The vertical tail extended below the fuselage, and was strengthened, in order to act as a bumper for takeoffs and landings. A two man crew sat in the cockpit, located beneath a bubble canopy offering good visibility. An internal bomb bay could carry up to 1000 kg (2204 lbs). Armament consisted of two MG 151/20 20 mm cannon located in the wing roots. This project did not progress past the initial design stage.

Lippisch Li P.11 Data
(September 1942)
  Span   Length   Height Main Wheel Track Distance from Front to Main Wheels
13.0 m 
42' 8"
8.15 m 
26' 9"
3.0 m
9' 10"
3.8 m
12' 5"
3.5 m
11' 5"

Lippisch Li P.11 Models
There are no scale models currently of this aircraft

Photo of an original Lippisch model of the P.11 (September 1942 version)