Lippisch Li P.10 (November 1941)

          This Lippisch project dates from November 26, 1941 and was designed by Rudolf Rentel. It was to be an tailless attack aircraft, with two undetermined turbojets (probably Jumo 004s) in the wing roots. The wings were swept back at approximately 33 degrees, and a single fin and rudder made up the tail unit. The landing gear was of a tail dragger configuration. A crew of one or two was located in the nose, and an internal bomb bay could carry up to 1000 kg (2204 lbs). Armament consisted of two MG 151/20 20 mm fixed cannon in the tail, and two MG 151/20 20mm cannon in the nose. This project remained on paper.

Lippisch Li P.10 Data
(November 1941)
  Span   Length   Height
13.4 m 
43' 11"
7.5 m 
26' 9"
3.0 m
9' 10"
Lippisch Li P.10 Models
There are no scale models currently of this aircraft