Lippisch Li P.01-118
          Another design in the Lippisch P.01 line, the P.01-118 also resembled the Me 163 and was dated August 3, 1941.  The wings were swept back at approximately 36 degrees, and included leading edge slots. The fuselage was short and squat, and was to be powered by a HWK 1500 kg (3307 lbs) thrust rocket engine. Actually, it was envisioned that there would be two rocket engines installed, one for climbing and one for cruising. The pilot sat in a glassed-in nose cockpit. One innovative feature was the pilot's seat, which swiveled to enable the pilot to always maintain a horizontal field of view. Takeoff was to be on a droppable trolley, and landing was accomplished on a built in landing skid. Armament could consist of two MK 108 30mm cannon, or two MG 151/20 20mm cannon. As with the others in this series of aircraft designs, it was not built, but represented another view of the eventually constructed and flown Me 163.
Lippisch Li P.01-118 Data
Span Length Height Wing Area Weight
9.0 m
29' 6"
7.2 m
23' 8"

Lippisch Li P.01-118 Models
There are no scale models currently of this aircraft