Lippisch Li P.01-117

          This Lippisch project dates from July 22, 1941 after Alexander Lippisch and his design team moved to the Messerschmitt A.G. in Augsburg in early 1939. The overall design was for a tailless aircraft, with a swept wing (approximately 35 degrees); the overall plan resembled the later Me 163 rocket-powered fighter. The fuselage held the fuel tanks and a 1500 kg (3307 lbs) thrust HWK rocket engine was mounted in the rear fuselage. A pressurized cockpit was contained in the aircraft's extreme nose, and the pilot faced the front in a prone position. Up to six MG 151/20 20mm cannon were mounted around the nose of this aircraft. Landing was to be accomplished on a retractable skid, as was later done on the Me 163. This design went no further than the preliminary design phase, but the Me 163 was later produced and used operationally.

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Lippisch Li P.01-117 Data
Span Length Height Wing Area Weight
9.0 m
29' 6"
7.65 m
25' 1"

Lippisch Li P.01-117 Models
Manufacturer Scale Material Notes
A&V 1/72 Resin, Photoetch & Decals Includes small three-wheeled launch trolley