Lippisch Li P.09

      In 1941, Prof. Rudolf Rentel was put in charge of the Lippisch P.09 project series.  The first P.09 design dates from October 28, 1941 and followed the typical Lippisch tailless layout.
     The fuselage was short and contained two unnamed turbojets (most probably Jumo 004s) in the wing roots. The wings were swept back at approximately 33 degrees. A large single fin and rudder was employed, with no horizontal tail planes since this was a tailless design. The two main landing gear were attached just outboard of the engines, and retracted to the rear and stowed into the wing. A tail bumper was used instead of a rear wheel. The cockpit was located near the fuselage front, overlooking the aircraft's nose. Armament was projected to be four machine guns or cannon all firing below the cockpit.
        This project did not progress past the early design stages, it was only one of many of Lippisch's tailless aircraft designs.

Lippisch Li P.09 Data
(October 1941)
  Span   Length   Height Main Gear Track Width
11.6 m 
38' 1"
7.1 m 
23' 4"
3.25 m
10' 8"
3.3 m
10' 9"

Lippisch Li P.09 Models
There are no scale models currently of this aircraft