Junkers Ju EF112

    This design for a ground-attack aircraft was submitted to the RLM by Junkers in December 1942. The wings had a straight leading edge and the short fuselage was mounted high on top of the wing. Power was supplied by two Daimler Benz DB 603G piston engines (each developing 1460 horsepower). One engine was mounted in the nose pulling and one was mounted in the fuselage tail pushing, this had the advantage of providing the power of two engines but lowering drag by putting the engines in-line. An internal bomb bay beneath the cockpit could hold a single 500 kg (1102 lbs) bomb
     There were two booms which attached to the bottom of the wing surfaces, they extended to the rear and contained the vertical tail assembly. A horizontal tail connected the booms at the rear. The main landing gear were located in the booms and retracted to the rear. The pilot sat in a cockpit located above the wing leading edge under a cnopy that would have provided good vision all around. Armament consisted of two MK 103 30 mm cannon with an option to carry four R 100 Bordraketen air-to-air rockets.
     The RLM showed no interest in the Junkers Ju EF112 and rejected the project.

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Junkers Ju EF112 Data
Span Length Height Bomb Load Max. Speed
12.8 m
42' 0"
10.7 m
35' 1"
4.1 m
13' 6"
500 kg
1102 lbs
760 km/h
472 mph

Above color illustration from Geheimprojekte der Luftwaffe Band III - Schlachtflugzeuge und Kampfzerstörer 1935-1945