The Alternate Luftwaffe Volume II
by John Baxter

Long awaited sequel to ‘The Alternate Luftwaffe’,
 is now available. Another 23 short stories,
125 pages with 25 colour images (both models
and computer generated images, the latter by well
known cgi artist Ronnie Olsthoorn), 42 black and
white images, plus 5 maps. Cover by
Richard Lewis Mendes features the Dornier Do 216
flying boat. This volume continues the ‘what if’ policy
established in the earlier book by placing in squadron
service aircraft that never achieved that status.
As well as the Luftwaffe, there are some interesting
aircraft in the air arms of Germanys allies -
Hungary, Romania and Finland. Aircraft types
are better known than in original volume and
models more readily available.

Size - 248 x 172 mm.      ISBN 0-9580233-2-8
Available from John Baxter
email  for postal costs or more info.

A Loire 130 of Kustenfliegergruppe Azores overflies the USS Barnegat off
the Azores in October 1941. From ‘Fliegerfuhrer Atlantik'. Model by Ed
Russell. Imagery by John Baxter.