He P.1078B  3 view      This second design of the He P.1078 was a tailess, single-seat fighter that had a somewhat unusual cockpit arrangement. The cockpit was located in a gondola on the port side, and another gondola containing two MK 108 30mm cannon and radar was located on the starboard side. An air intake feeding the single HeS 011 turbojet was located between the two gondolas. Like the He P.1078A, the gull wings were swept back at 40 degrees.

  Model photo of the He P.1078B                        Kevin Wafer's He P.1078B art images

    Span: 9.43 m (30' 11.5")     Length: 6.04 m (19' 10")      Max. Speed: 1025 km/h (636 mph)

Click here to see the original drawing (with dimensions) for the He P.1078.04 B
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