Heinkel Lerche II   3 view       This Heinkel VTOL (Vertical TakeOff and Landing) fighter/interceptor was based on an earlier design, the "Wespe" (Wasp). Engineer Reiniger of the Heinkel company in Vienna started the design work on Febuary 25, 1945 and completed the design on March 8, 1945. The "Lerche" (Skylark) employed a ducted wing planform with contrarotating propellors, powered by two Daimler Benz DB605D engines. The pilot lay in a prone position in the extreme nose, and projected armament was two MK 108 30mm cannon.

    Model photo of the "Lerche II"
Mario Merino's "Lerche II" images

    Span: 4 m (13' 1.6")      Length: 9.4 m (30' 10.4")     Max. Speed: 800 km/h (497 mph) 

Lerche II  flightplan

    The schematic to the left shows a typical Lerche II takeoff, interception and landing flight plan.....