Gotha P.60B  3 view     The Gotha Go P.60B was a further development of the P.60 series which simplified construction by utilizing a simplier airframe and a conventional rudder. The two-seat cockpit was located behind the radio equipment in a fuselage section which projected forward from the wing leading edge. Two engines were upgraded to the HeS 011 turbojets, and like the Go P.60B, four MK 108 30mm cannon were to be the armament. The RLM approved the construction of the project in 1945, but later construction of the prototype was halted in midwork in favor of the Go P.60C.

   Span: 13.5 m (44' 3.9")    Length: 9.9 m (32' 6")     Max. Speed: 973 km/h (604 mph)