Ta 183  design III  3 view    This was the second design of the Focke-Wulf Ta 183 jet fighter. It was similar to the Ta 183 Design II, except the wings were swept back at 35 degrees and the cockpit was set farther aft. Also, the tail unit was of a more conventional design, with a curvilinear sweep of the fuselage into the vertical tail. The horizontal tail planes were mounted lower than the first design, which were placed atop the vertical fin. There were two versions of the Design III, one in which the tail curved into the fuselage (see three-view above) and another where the tail unit faired straight into the fuselage (see drawing below). The latter tail unit was meant to be interchanged with the Design II tail unit for comparison tests. Armament consisted of two MK 108 30mm cannon located in the top, forward fuselage.

                   Span: 9.5 m (31' 2")                Length: 9.1 m (29' 10.3")                Max. Speed: 965 km/h (599 mph)

Ta 183 Design III cutaway drawing

    Focke-Wulf drawing number 0310252-15 dated Febuary 1945, showing the location of the main components, including the He S 011 turbojet....