The Focke-Wulf "Volksjäger" (People's Fighter) was based on the Ta 183, and was designed to be a target defense interceptor. Since the endurance was on the order of about 15 minutes, the  "Volksjäger" would have had to be based near vital facilities, such as was planned for other Luftwaffe target defense fighters (e.g.. the Me 163 and the Ba 349). The "Volksjäger" had a mid fuselage mounted wing, and was sharply swept back. The wing's construction was to be of wood, with a thin metal covering and only weighed 180 kg (396 lbs). It also used a tail assembly very similar to the Ta 183, and the power was supplied by a single Walter HWK 109-509 A-2 rocket engine that produced 1700 kg (3740 lbs) of thrust. After a take off run (on a detachable dolly) of 257 m (843 feet) in 9.3 seconds, the "Volksjäger" would reach an altitude of 5900 m (19400 feet) in 60 seconds and 16500 m (54100 feet) in 100 seconds. It would then make its attack run, using two MK 108 30mm cannon located in the lower fuselage sides and then glide back to land on its retractable skid. Three aircraft were under construction when the war ended.

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                Span: 4.8 m (15' 9")                      Length: 5.3 m (17' 5")                       Max. Speed: 1000 km/h (621 mph)