Fw P.II  3 view     This was the second design from Kurt Tank of the Focke-Wulf company for a single-jet engine, single-seat fighter, submitted June 9, 1943. The wing was mounted mid-fuselage and had a slight sweep on the leading edge and straight trailing edges. A Jumo 004B turbojet was slung beneath the fuselage because of fears of operational problems associated with mounting the jet engine on top of the fuselage. The main advantage was to facilitate maintenance, but there were several bigger disadvantages to this design, such as the nose wheel blocking the intake on takeoff and landing, foreign matter being sucked into the intake since it was so close to the ground and the destruction of the jet engine in case of a belly landing. The cockpit was protected by armor of varying thicknesses. Armament was to be two MK 108 (70 rounds each) or MK 103 30mm cannon in the fuselage nose and two MG 151/20 20mm cannon (175 rounds each) in the wing roots.

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Focke-Wulf P.II Dimensions
Span Length Height Track Width Tail Span Wing Area
9.7 m 
31' 10"
9.85 m 
32' 4"
4.43 m 
14' 6"
4.7 m 
15' 5"
3.8 m 
12' 6"
15.0 m² 
161.46 ft²
Focke-Wulf P.II Weights
Empty Weight Equipped Takeoff Weight Max. Wing Loading Fuel Weight Ammo Armor
2410 kg 
5313 lbs
3350 kg 
7385 lbs
223 kg/m² 
45.6 lbs/ft²
650 kg 
1433 lbs
160 kg 
353 lbs
100 kg 
220 lbs
Focke-Wulf P.II Performance*
Max. Speed Rate of Climb Takeoff Distance Takeoff Speed Range Ceiling
at sea level 
850 km/h 
528 mph 
at 4 km (13123') 
870 km/h 
541 mph 
at 12 km (39370') 
780 km/h 
485 mph
at sea level 
20 m/sec 
66 ft/sec 
at 4 km (13123') 
14 m/sec 
46 ft/sec 
at 12 km (39370') 
1.1 m/sec 
4 ft/sec
400 m 
170 km/h 
640 km 
398 miles
12400 m 
* with Jumo 004C turbojet       with 20% overthrust

Focke-Wulf P.II Models
Manufacturer Scale Material Notes
Czechmaster 1/72 Resin solid cast fuselage
Special Hobby 1/72 Injected, Photoetch & Decals  

 Focke-Wulf Project II
Fighter with Turbojet engine Jumo 004
Weight Distribution as of July 20, 1943
Measurements in millimeters

Note: the measurements above are for the armor plate thicknesses


Color image above from Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Fighters 1939-1945