FW P.0310.025-1006  3 view   This single-seat fighter had its origins in a RLM specification dated July 21, 1944. Focke-Wulf submitted this design in October 1944 as a high-altitude, bad-weather fighter. A two-seat version was also envisioned. The powerplant was an Argus As 413 rated at 4000 horsepower, driving two counterrotating propellers. There was one 1300 liter fuselage mounted armored fuel tank and two 300 liter unarmored fuel tanks in the wings, giving a duration of two hours at 10 km (33000'). Armament consisted of two MK 103 30mm cannon (46 rounds each) and two MG 213 20mm cannon (125 rounds each).

    Span: 16.4 m (53' 10.2")      Length: 14.2 m (46' 7.5")     Max. Speed: Unknown