In August 1941, Dipl-Ing Mittelhuber did a study on the design and performance of single-seat fighters with powerplants still under development. This was based on their Fw 190 design, which was just entering service at that time. One such fighter project researched was the aircraft based on the Fw 190 airframe, but with the BMW 802 18-cylinder, twin-row radial engine with a three-speed, single stage supercharger. This engine had a 2600 HP take-off rating, and could deliver 1600 HP at an altitude of 12000 m (39000'). The engine was to be housed in a BMW designed low drag cowling driving a 3.8 m (12' 6")  variable pitch propeller. An alternate engine arrangement which was considered but not included in this study was the BMW P.8011 engine. This powerplant had a 2800-2900 HP take off rating. It was basically a BMW 802 with two exhaust gas turbines enclosed in an aerodynamic cowling, and it drove two contrarotating propellers. A bomb load of 500 kg (1102 lbs) or two 300 liter (66 gallon) drop tanks could be carried, or an optional 50 kg (110 lbs) bomb under each wing. No armament was provided for at this design stage. This project was not realized, however, and Focke-Wulf went on to develop their Ta 152 high altitude fighters.

   Andreas Otte's Fw fighter project w/BMW P.8011 engine

Focke-Wulf Fw Fighter Project w/BMW 802 engine
Span Length Height Wing Area Empty Weight Takeoff Weight Wing Loading Max. Speed
12.5 m 
11.3 m 
3.8 m 
12' 5"
26.0 m² 
279.8 ft²
4475 kg 
9865 lbs
5400 kg 
11904 lbs
208 kg/m² 
42.6 lbs/ft²
725 km/h 
450 mph
Fw Fighter Project w/BMW 802 engine Models
Manufacturer Scale Material Notes
Planet   #019 
"Einsitzer w/BMW 802"
1/72 Resin & Decals one of the more simple Planet kits, consists of two hollow cast 
fuselage halves, two solid wings (left & right), two solid horizontal stabs, 
a 'nose cone' and assorted cockpit detail parts, vac canopy. The cowling is molded onto the fuselage....still, a nice looking kit.

Two photos of the BMW 802 18-cylinder, twin-row radial engine
A cutaway view of the
Fw Fighter Project
w/BMW P.8011engine

Left: the BMW 802 powered Focke-Wulf design 
   Right: the BMW P.8011 powered Focke-Wulf design


Above images from Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Fighters 1939-1945 & Geheimprojekte der Luftwaffe Band II: Strategische Bomber 1935-1945