Although this Focke-Wulf project was designated 261, it was not the official RLM designation, only an internal  Focke-Wulf number. It was designed as a bomber,  and also a maritime reconnaissance and U-Boat support aircraft, much as the Focke-Wulf 200 was. Superficially resembling  the Arado E.340, it was nevertheless independently designed. The wings were shoulder mounted, and featured tapered outer wing panels. Power was supplied by four BMW 801D radial engines (1600 horsepower each) which were mounted on the wing leading edge and drove four-bladed propellers of 3.5 meter (11' 6") diameter. The outer two engine nacelles extended to the rear and contained a tail plane and fin and rudder. In order to keep the rear turret's field of fire clear, the tail planes did not connect the two tail booms. The central fuselage contained the fuel supply and a bomb bay which could hold 3000 kg (6600 lbs) of bombs. A tricycle landing gear arrangement was chosen, with a single nose wheel beneath the cockpit and double main wheels which retracted into the outer engine nacelles, although some drawings show a single wheel below each engine nacelle. A crew of seven to nine men manned the Fw 261, with a total flight endurance of more than 22 hours. The armament consisted of two twin MK 108 30mm cannon in remote controlled turrets below the cockpit, two HD 151 Z remote controlled turrets, one each above and below the fuselage ahead of the wings, and four MK 108 30mm cannon in the tail.
Focke-Wulf Fw 261 (0310225) Dimensions
  Span    Length    Height    Wing Area 
40 m 
131' 3"
26.78 m 
87' 10"
6.35 m 
20' 10"
187 m² 
2013 ft²
Focke-Wulf Fw 261 (0310225) Weights
Empty Weight Crew Ammunition Fuel Lubricant Bomb load Flying Weight
26760 kg
58995 lbs
600 kg
1323 lbs
830 kg
1830 lbs
17600 kg
38800 lbs
1100 kg
2425 lbs
3000 kg
6614 lbs
50000 kg
110230 lbs
Focke-Wulf Fw 261 (0310225) Performance
Max. Speed
altitude - speed
Climbing Time
without bombs
Ceiling Take Off Distance Landing Speed Range
2800 m
521 km/h
324 mph
7200 m
560 km/h
348 mph
9000 m
519 km/h
323 mph
2000 m
5 min
6000 m
11.2 min
8000 m
15.5 min
9600 m
1670 m
144 km/h
89 mph
9000 km @ 380 km/h
5593 miles @ 236 mph


    An original Focke-Wulf cutaway drawing of the Projekt 0310225 (Fw 261).....

Above two images from Geheimprojekte der Luftwaffe Band II: Strategische Bomber 1935-1945