BV P.211.02  3 view          This Blohm und Voss project was based on an earlier back-swept wing design, and was submitted for the Volksjäger competition. The Volksjäger competition was held to find a fighter project that would use a minimum of strategic materials, be suitable for rapid mass production and have a performance equal to the best piston engined fighters of the time. On September 8, 1944, the design requirement was issued to Arado, Blohm & Voss, Focke-Wulf, Junkers, Heinkel and Messerschmitt.The new fighter also needed to weigh no more than 2000 kg (4410 lbs), have a maximum speed of 750 km/h (457 mph), a minimum endurance of 30 minutes, a takeoff distance of 500 m (1604') and it was to use the BMW 003 turbojet.
          The Blohm & Voss BV P.211.02 was designed by Dr. Richard Vogt, and was to be constructed of 58% steel, 23% wood, 13% Aluminum and 6% remaining materails. It had an unswept shoulder mounted wing, and a single BMW 003A-1 jet engine exhausted beneath the tail unit, which was mounted on a boom behind the fuselage. The proposed armament was to be two MK 108 30mm cannon with 60 rounds each. Although the Blohm & Voss BV P.211.02 was judged as the best design, the He P.1073 (which became the He 162) was awarded a contract due to the fact that it needed less man hours for construction, and that it utilized the Bf 109 undercarriage legs.

   Andreas Otte's BV P.211.02 art images.....

Blohm & Voss BV P.211.02 Dimensions
Span Length Height (at canopy top) Height (overall) Track width Wing Area Wing Width
7.6 m 
24' 11"
8.06 m 
26' 6"
2.43 m 
8' 0"
3.3 m 
10' 10"
1.7 m 
5' 7"
12.87 m² 
138.53 ft²
1.7 m 
5' 7"
Blohm & Voss BV P.211.02 Weights
Airframe Engine Equipment Armament Armor Fuel Crew Ammo Empty Weight Takeoff Weight
1150 kg 
2535 lbs
690 kg 
1521 lbs
250 kg 
551 lbs
208 kg 
459 lbs
140 kg 
309 lbs
750 kg 
1653 lbs
100 kg 
220 lbs
70 kg 
154 lbs
2480 kg 
5467 lbs
3400 kg 
7496 lbs
Blohm & Voss BV P.211.02 Performances
Max. Speed Climb Rate Cruising Speed Range Takeoff Speed Landing Speed
@ 0 km 705 km/h 
438 mph
14.05 m/sec 
46 ft/sec
404 km/h 
251 mph
345 km 
214 miles
150 km/h 
93.21 mph
150 km/h 
93.21 mph
@ 3 km 744 km/h 
462 mph
10.15 m/sec 
33 ft/sec
@ 6 km 767 km/h 
477 mph
6.6 m.sec 
22 ft/sec
472 km/h 
293 mph
550 km 
342 miles
@ 9 km 746 km/h 
464 mph
2.46 m/sec 
8 ft/sec
528 km/h 
328 mph
720 km 
447 miles
Blohm & Voss BV P.211.02 Models
Manufacturer   Scale   Material   Notes
CzechMaster 1/72 Resin  
Special Hobby 1/72 Injected, Photoetch & decals  
Planet 1/48 Resin & Decals  



Original factory drawings of some of the BV P.211.02 components 
              Click on the image to the right to see a larger view

Above: Wing profile and control surfaces 


Below: steel air-intake/fuselage load-bearing structure

This is the steel air-intake/fuselage load-bearing structure for the BV P.211.02, which as you can see was actually built!
Left: The air intake is on the left, the engine would attach at the right end of the bottom, round pipe.
Right: On the left is the fuselage structure, with the wing attachment point clearly visible. The cockpit would be located above the rounded air intake to the right.


A simple cutaway view of the BV P.211.02

Above color images from:
Geheimprojekte der Luftwaffe: Jagdflugzeuge (left) & Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Fighters (right)