BV P.211.01 3 view    This project was dated September 14, 1944 and was an alternative development to the Bv P.210. Engineer Amtmann utilized the airframe and swept wings of the P.210. The main structural component was lengthened to serve as a support for the tail structure. The wing was swept back at 30 degrees. One BMW 003A-1 turbojet was located in the fuselage rear and exhausted beneath the tail boom. Armament consisted of two MK 108 30mm cannon in the fuselage nose. A tricycle undercarriage arrangement was also provided. This was the first fighter design in the world specifically designed to take advantage of the aerodynamic properties of the swept wing. The aircraft design was simple and spared the use of strategic materials, plus it was maintenance-friendly. Although the design met with positive reactions from company officials, they were hesitant to make the final decision, and the project was delayed.

     Span: 8.4 m (27' 7")     Length: 7.1 m (23' 3.7")      Max. Speed: 1020 km/h (633 mph)