BV P.209.01  3 view    Blohm und Voss designed the P.209.01 as a tailless, single-seat fighter. The wings are swept back 35 degrees and end in streamlined booms projecting to the rear. Ooutboard of these booms, but offset to the rear, are drooping wing tips with control surfaces at the trailing edges. One He S 011 jet engine was located in the rear fuselage, and was fed by a short air intake opening low in the fuselage front. The main wheels retract forward into the lower fuselage and the nose wheel retracts rearward into the port side of the nose so that the air intake is left unobstructed. Armament consisted of two MK 108 30mm cannon located in the lower nose.

     Span: 10.65 m (34' 11.6")     Length: 7.3 m (23' 11.6")     Max. Speed: 900 km/h (559 mph)