BV P.208.03  3 view      The BV P.208.03 was the final design for a series of tailless aircraft designs by Blohm und Voß. A single Daimler Benz 12-cylinder DB 603L engine with a two-stage supercharger (2100 HP with MW 50 methanol-water injection) was imbedded within the fuselage aft of the cockpit. The engine drove a pusher propeller and was fed by an air intake located on the starboard side of the fuselage, with the radiator mounted beneath the fuselage.  However, the piston engine was not an essential feature of this design but was only used when it became apparent that the original proposed turbojet would not be ready in time, so work was continued with the DB 603 engine substituted. The cantilevered wings were swept back at 30 degrees and were of a constant cross section. Downturned wingtips were connected aft of the main wing trailing edge by small booms, which served the purposes of elevators and rudders. The practicality of this control method was tested by Blohm und Voß by modifying the experimental Skoda-Kauba V-6 (see photo below), which was renamed and flown as the Skoda-Kauba SL-6. A tricycle undercarraige was used, with the wide-track main wheels retracting inwards into the center section and the nosewheel retracting forwards. All armament was in the aircraft's nose, and consisted of three MK 108 30mm cannon.

  model photo of the BV P.208.03

                Span: 12.08 m (39' 8")         Length: 9.2 m (30' 2.5")             Max. Speed: 790 kp/h (491 mph) 

Bv P.208.02  3 view   The BV P.208.02 utilized an Argus As 413 engine (the BV P.208.01 used a Jumo 222E engine) to drive its pusher propeller, and the radiator was larger and located more forward than the P.208.03. Also, small vertical fins were mounted at the trailing edge of the wingtip booms. 


Skoda-Kauba V-6 photo

A photo of the Skoda-Kauba V-6, which was modified into the SL-6 in order to test the control arrangement for the BV P.208.03.... 

    A three-view drawing of the Skoda-Kauba SL-6 (a modified SK V-6), used to test the control arrangements of the BV P.208.03....