FW P.184.01  3 view          The Blohm & Voss P.184.01 was designed to be a long range bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, and was one of Dr. Richard Vogt's (chief designer and project office manager of Blohm & Voss) more interesting designs. The aircraft was to have been constructed almost entirely of steel. The wings were long and untapered, and were mounted low on the fuselage. An ingenious feature of the wings were their construction method. A box shaped spar ran the length of the wings, and were designed to also hold the majority of the P.184.01's fuel supply. In the first third of the wing's chord, an angled steel partition wall of 5 mm thickness was placed and the rear partition wall was 10 mm thick (see diagram below). The wing surface was to be covered in 2 mm plate steel. There was also a single fuselage tank with a diameter of 1.8 meters. The four BMW 801E double radial engines of 1600 hp were attached to the wing's steel box spar and a single landing gear leg retracted to the rear of each engine nacelle. The tail assembly consisted of a traditional fin/rudder and tail planes, with a retractable tail wheel located beneath the rear fuselage. A pressurized cockpit located in the fuselage's fully glazed nose held a crew of five, where the remote-controlled tail armament (two MG 131 machine guns) could be aimed by the use of a periscope system. There was also a single MK 103 30 mm cannon in the nose. The bomber version could carry 4000 kg (8800 lbs) of bombs in lieu of the camera equipment.
Blohm & Voss BV P.184.01 Dimensions and Performance Data 
 Wing Area  Flying Weight  
(without bombs)
Service Ceiling    Rate of 
Take Off 
Landing Speed  Max. 
35.8 m 117' 5" 17.3 m 
56' 9"
6.6 m 
21' 7.8"
82 m² 
882.6 ft²
39225 kg 
86475 lbs
7500 km 
4688 miles
8840 m 
sea level 360 m/min 1180ft/min
235 m/min 
770 ft/min
Grass 1036 m 3400'
Concrete 900 m 2950 ft
171 km/h 
106 mph
500 km/h 
311 mph

    An original sketch of the cross section view of the BV P.184.01 wing, showing the internal construction of the box spar/fuel storage tank....
Above image from Geheimprojekte der Luftwaffe Band II: Strategische Bomber 1935-1945