BV P.178  3 view    This asymmetric designed dive-bomber had one Jumo 004B turbojet located under the wing to the starboard side of the fuselage. The pilot sat in a cockpit in the forward fuselage, with a large fuel tank located to the rear of the cockpit. Beneath the fuel tank there was a deep recession in which a SC 500 bomb could be carried within the fuselage, or a SC 1000 bomb which would protrude slightly out of the fuselage. Two solid-fuel auxillary rocket engines extended from the rear, and may have possibly been used for take-off or for climbing after a dive-bombing attack. Two MG 151 15mm machine guns were located in the nose.

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    Span: 12 m (39' 3")      Length: 10.8 m (35' 5.5")     Max. Speed: Unknown