Blohm & Voss BV P.144

          The Blohm & Voss BV P.144 was designed to serve a variety of roles, and was to operate along the east coast of the United States. This huge flying boat project was capable of landing on the high seas, and the hull was stepped, with a standard hydrodynamic lower hull. Four Jumo 223 (24 cylinder, 2500 horsepower each) engines were mounted on the wing leading edge and provided the power. A twin fin and rudder tail configuration was chosen, in part to provide a clear field of fire for the remotely controlled tail turret. The underwing floats located beneath the outboard wing sections were fixed and nonretractable.
          A crew of ten manned the BV P.144, and there was a glazed weapons station at the rear of the fuselage, which remotely operated the tail turret, and a turret under the rear fuselage. This weapons station also served as the control and aiming station for air-launched remotely-controlled weapons (such as the Hs 293 of Fritz-X). These weapons could be mounted on underwing racks, along with aerial torpedoes, mines or normal bombs. There was also a waterproof internal bomb bay. Defensive armament consisted of the single tail FDL 151 (MG 151/20 20 mm cannon) and three FDL 131 ( twin MG 131 13 mm machine guns), mounted in three remotely-controlled turrets (two on the top of the fuselage, one beneath the rear fuselage).  This project was canceled in 1944.

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Blohm & Voss BV P.144 Data
Span Length Height Wing Area Empty Weight Loaded Weight Range*
53.0 m
173' 10"
40.0 m
131' 2"
6.2 m
20' 4"
280 m²
3014 ft²
38300 kg
84437 lbs
56000 kg
123424 lbs
8650 km
5371 miles
* range calculated using a 6000 kg (13224 lb) payload

Blohm & Voss BV P.144 Models
There are no models of the Blohm & Voss BV P.144 available at the present time

Junkers Jumo 223 24 Cylinder/Water Cooled/2500 Horsepower
BV P.144 Roles
long range reconnaissance
U-Boat support
remote-controlled weapons carrier
surface minelayer
aerial tanker for refueling
strategic bombers

FDL 131/Z remote controlled barbette



Image from Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Strategic Bombers 1935-1945