BMW Strahljäger Projekt IV

          Since BMW was heavily involved with the production of the BMW jet engines (BMW 003 and BMW 018), the development of new designs was handled by EZS, a subsidiary of BMW. Four designs that emphasized simplicity and ease of construction were submitted, under the direction of engineer Dr. Huber, on November 3, 1944.
          The fourth and last design was substantially larger than the first three designs. This was due in part to the much larger BMW 018 turbojet that was to be fitted to this project. The jet engine was mounted within the fuselage beneath the wings. It was fed by a short air duct from the nose, and exhausted beneath the long tail boom, which featured a normal fin and rudder. The tailplanes were mounted high, about half way up the fin. The landing gear was a tricycle design; the front gear retracted to the rear and the main gear retracted inwards. A single pilot sat in a cockpit located in the nose and above the air duct to the engine. Armament was to consist of two MK 108 30mm cannon.

BMW Strahljäger Projekt IV Data
Span Length Height Wing Area Takeoff Weight
N/A N/A N/A 60 m²
645.8 ft²
10600 kg
23369 lbs

BMW Strahljäger Projekt IV Models
There are no models of the BMW Strahljäger Projekt 1 available at the present time