Ar E.530  3 view    This was Arado's design for a single seat fast bomber, and was designed for comparison purposes with the Arado Ar 440. The P.530 was a "zwilling" (twin) design, similar to the Bf109Z or Me 609, with twin fuselages powered by two Daimler Benz DB 603 G 12 cylinder engines. The pilot sat in a cockpit that was to be pressurized, and was located in the port fuselage. One 500 kg (1100 lbs) bomb could be carried beneath the center wing section, and no armament was fitted. It offered no appreciable advantage over the Messerschmitt "Zwilling" series, which also offered the advantage of having a high number of common parts with models already in production, so the Arado design was not pursued.

        Span: 16.25 m (53' 4.25")         Length: 14.15 m (46' 5.5")         Max. Speed: 770 km/h (478 mph)